5720 Cummings Road
Akron, NY 14001
Phone: (716) 542-4552

About Us

LEISUREWOOD RECREATIONAL COMMUNITY IS A CORPORATION MADE UP OF LEASE-HOLDERS WHO HOLD NINETY-NINE (99) YEAR LEASES. The direction of the park is governed by Executive Board members who are elected by leaseholders into set term limits.

OUR PARK IS DIRECTED BY TWO (2) SEPARATE BOARDS OF DIRECTORS. The main board, Leisurewood Campgrounds, Inc. (L.C.I.), manages the operations aspects of the park, while Lot Sales and Rentals are handled by 5720 Cummings Road, Inc. (5720), a wholly owned, for profit subsidiary of L.C.I.

DURING OUR OPERATIONAL SEASON, EACH BOARD HOLDS MEETINGS. 5720 holds its meetings on Tuesday afternoons and L.C.I. on Saturday mornings. For more information please feel free to contact the office directly at (716) 542-4552 #3 or email us at leioffice@leisurewoodcamground.com. The sales office may be reached at (716) 542-4552 #2 or by email at 5720office@leisurewoodcampground.com

5720 Cummings Road, Inc.
Executive Board of Directors

President - Mike Moore

Vice President - Gary Allen

Treasurer - Debbie Klymkow

Secretary- Monica Lee Zablotny

Leisurewood Campgrounds, Inc.
Executive Board of Directors

President - Chris Yuskiw
1st Vice President - Rachel Mathien
2nd Vice President - Tony Schiraldi
Recording Secretary - Maryanne Pratt
Treasurer - Sue Anderson
Director - Jennifer Majewski
Director - Bill Hobson
Director - Don Helms
Director - Dawn Gibson

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